The New #WineryWeek Event on Twitter

Yesterday I announced that I am starting a new tradition on Twitter called #WineryWeek. The response has been been amazing. We will celebrate #WineryWeek on the third week of every month with the first ever event occurring this month between April 19th through April 23rd.

The premise of the event is simple. We will honor the Twitter wineries, their amazing wines and the great people behind them. Throughout the #WineryWeek event people from around the globe will tweet about specific wineries, recommend them to their @followers, share reviews of the wines, plus provide links to blog articles, pictures and more. It’s a great way for Twitter wineries to get a whole new level of exposure. Participating wineries can tweet during the event and be available to answer questions.

On Friday’s, the last day of each #WineryWeek event, there will be virtual tweetup where people from around the world will open and sample wines from various Twitter wineries in real-time. People will tweet their thoughts, tasting notes, opinions and recommendations. Participants can ask real-time questions directly to the wineries, wine makers, wine sellers and retailers.

This new #WineryWeek tradition on Twitter is going to be special and a lot of fun. I could use your help in spreading the word. It would be wonderful if I could get people in different states and countries to tweet about #WineryWeek in their local areas. I’d love to have as many wineries involved as possible. The only prerequisite of this event is that the wineries must be on Twitter. For all you facebook “only” wineries, who have been waiting for a reason to create a Twitter account, the time has come. We would love to have you aboard.

If you are interested in getting involved and in helping to coordinate this event please send me an email to I will post more news and information as the event draws near.

Thank you very much!



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