#WineryWeek is Coming to Twitter – April 19th – 23rd

I wanted to give everyone an update on the upcoming #WineryWeek event on Twitter. The response from the Wine Community has been wonderful. Everyone is excited and willing to do their part. The first ever #WineryWeek will be held on Twitter from April 19th – 23rd. It’s going to be a fun filled week where people around the globe will celebrate wineries, the wine makers and their amazing wines. I’ve decided to open the event up to every winery, not only those on Twitter, so they will all be able to gain maximum exposure during the event. I do encourage participating wineries to establish a Twitter account, if they don’t have one already, so they will be able to tweet and respond to people’s questions throughout this weekly event.

Many wineries in The States, and from around The World, have expressed their interest and intention in participating in #WineryWeek. I’ve also had an enormous amount of wine enthusiasts inform me that they will be actively participating as well. I need your help to continue to spread the word on #WineryWeek so we can make this first event very special. Please tweet often about #WineryWeek over this coming week so we can continue to spread and get the word out.

I understand that certain wineries, wine shops and restaurants are planning events during #WineryWeek. This is a great idea and opportunity to draw people in and to celebrate the love of wine. Also, don’t forget there will be a Virtual Tweetup and Tasting on Friday April 23rd to close #WineryWeek. Participants will tweet their thoughts, tasting notes, opinions and recommendations of wines from different wineries. People will be able to ask real-time questions directly to the wineries and wine makers. In The States this Virtual Tweetup and Tasting will start at 7:00 pm EST and go through 10:00 pm EST. I would also recommend that participating wine establishments consider having people from their local area join them as well during the Virtual Tweetup and Tasting as well. They can sip, talk and tweet on location. This is creative and great fun for all.

So make your plans, choose your wines, spread the word, get your friends and your favorite wineries to participate in #WineryWeek. I am looking forward to #WineryWeek becoming a great new tradition for the Wine Community on Twitter.

If you have any questions or want to help please contact me at twesommelier@wineryweek.com

Thank you



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