#WineryWeek Closes Today with a Virtual Tweetup & Tasting

There will be a Virtual Tweetup and Tasting this evening to close #WineryWeek. Participants will tweet together in “real-time” their thoughts, tasting notes, opinions and recommendations of wines from different wineries. People will also be able to ask questions directly participating wineries and wine makers. The Virtual Tweetup and Tasting will start at 7:00 pm EST U.S. and go through 10:00 pm EST.

How to Participate

Wine Lovers and Enthusiasts:

1. Select a variety of wines from different wineries and wines you already know.
2. Drink the wines during the event research the wineries online and tweet your comments.
3. Add the #WineryWeek hash tag to every tweet.
4. If you can find the winery on Twitter include them (e.g. @CooperMtnWines ).
5. Encourage others participating to try the wines that you like.
6. Read #WineryWeek tweets, learn from others, ask questions and visit the Twitter/Websites of the wineries.

Wineries, Wine Shops, Wine Merchants and Professionals:

1. Use or setup your Twitter account to participate in the #WineryWeek event.
2. Select and promote a variety of your wines.
3. Tweet about the the wines and answer questions.
4. Add the #WineryWeek hash tag to each of your tweets.
5. Promote your winery, website and blog.
6. Offer specials during the event.

Here is a list of wineries and wine companies who will be participating. The list continues to grow. Go out and purchase some of their wines for the event. I will be updating the list as I get more confirmations throughout the day.


It’s going to be a fun and educational time for all. I will Tweet with you then.



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