The Next #WineryWeek on Twitter – May 17th – 21st

The first ever #WineryWeek on Twitter concluded last night. It was a great week of fun with many wineries being promoted and showcased by their fans in the Twitter wine community. All in all there were close to 40 wineries mentioned with people tweeting about their wines, the wine makers, the wineries themselves as well as media articles and blog posts about them. It was an amazing showing for the first ever #WineryWeek event. That being said, the goal is to get even and more wineries involved and discussed in each event moving forward. Every winery benefits from the exposure and awareness plus wine lovers and enthusiasts get to learn about them and hopefully get a chance to purchase and try their wines.

Last night we closed #WineryWeek with a Virtual Tweetup and Tasting. We had 10 wineries actively participating in “real-time” as they tweeted about their wines, their newest releases, the history of their wineries and the wines they were tasting for the event. Jordan Winery even had a live video feed and chat going on for part of the event. I want thank them all for taking the time to make the event fun and informative.

The next #WineryWeek will occur in May between May 17th and May 21st.  Please help to spread the word. Tell your friends, tell your Twitter followers and of course tell your favorite wineries. It’s a great opportunity for wineries, wine shops and other wine related establishments to plan local events, offers and specials during that week.

So let’s continue to grow #WineryWeek and make it a fun wine community tradition on Twitter.

Thank you all in advance.


Please take a moment to follow @WineryWeek on Twitter and become a member of the Winery Week Social Wine Community.


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